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Helping you Market a Business plus Service Locally and Online on Google or Bing Search. Helps us Create, and Launch a Local Campaign; using Google Ads or let say Bing Ads.


1 Phone Consultation, for up to 45 Minutes; to discuss the Problems you are having.
1 Online Service, with 2 Advertising Options; for Google and Bing.
You will also Benefit from 10% Discount whenever you need additional services.


Alain Hernandez

President, Hernandez MasterMind

I continue to be Passionate about helping customers with Services like E-mail Campaign, Social Media, Search Engine and YouTube Video; in the effort to provide them proven solution.

Entrepreneur Alain Hernandez


Alain has been strategic on Marketing my Business, mostly locally and some social media; he continues to to be great when managing my Ad Campaigns.

Kyle Hogge

Owner, ProTec Garage Door

Designed and Managed by Alain Hernandez

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