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Choosing Domain

Try to brand your new Website Domain and long enough to also use a keyword in it.

Powerful Setup

Offering the most used Functionalities that almost every person wants to engage with when visiting your website.

WordPress Theme

Choosing a Theme that provide an elegant Look and a responsive Layout with plenty of Modification options.

Reliable Hosting

Having a reliable website hosting provider that may handle high traffic and functionality plus fast loading.

Social Experience

Keeping a Good Ranking on Search Engines and your Visitors Engaged is done using social media integrations.

Website Optimization

Optimizing your Website information with keywords that people are searching for will help you be found on search engines.

Unlock Subscriber Access to a Phone Consultation, and a Proven Plan; plus a Customer Discount.

Phone Consultation

Our Consultation is for me to understand your Personal Challenge, and discuss the Business Idea you like to Implement; in the effort to help me Develop your Strategy.

Proven Plan

Days after our phone call, I will send you a Proven Plan in PDF Format with Steps to follow at no cost to you; showing you how to Execute the Strategy I created.

Customer Discount

If you choose to hire me after these steps, you will have a chance to claim a Discount for becoming a first time customer; and you may use it on any of my Strategic Services.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; Website Designer and President at Hernandez MasterMind.

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Subscribers who at least got a chance to speak with me also get invited to additional Education, including a eBook Guide, and a Audio Series; plus a Video Presentation.

eBook Guide

Subscribers will have the option to instantly Download the eBook Guide, giving you a written version of the learning; an explained paragraphed text format of the education.

Audio Series

Subscribers will have the option to instantly Download the Audio Series, giving you a transcribed voice over of the eBook; a paragraphed Guide of the education.

Video Presentation

Subscribers will be invited to watch a video, walking you through the education choices in steps; a broken down PowerPoint presentation.

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Subscribe for a Phone Consultation and get a Proven Plan at no cost to help you Design a WordPress Website.

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