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Our Consultation is for me to understand your Personal Challenge, and discuss the Business Idea you like to Implement; in the effort to help me Develop your Strategy.


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Days after our phone call, I will send you a Proven Plan with Steps to follow at no cost to you; showing you how to Execute the Strategy I exclusively created just for you.

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If you choose to hire me after these steps, you will have a chance to claim a Discount for becoming a first time customer; and you may use it on any of my Strategic Services.

Audio Series

Subscribers who at least got a chance to book a call with me also get invited to Download the Audio Series, giving you a transcribed voice over of the eBook; a paragraphed Guide of the education.

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Subscribers who at least got a chance to book a call with me also get invited to watch a video online, walking you through the education choices in steps; a broken down PowerPoint presentation.


The Complete Business Solution is an ongoing monthly plan, packaged with Phone Consultations, Proven Plans, Business Meetings and Strategic Services; in the effort to provide Entrepreneurs an all-in-one option that focuses more on value than cost.

If you consider my Complete Solution it will help you improve your Business, not just be more efficient as an Entrepreneur; but also help you Save Money in the process. 

Besides those two though, which are very important; is having a Reliable Professional by your side. 

My Complete Business Solution is based on my years of Experience as a Successful Entrepreneur, Computer Technician, Website Designer, Business Consultant, Online Marketer; and Internet Affiliate.

If you want a Solution to work with me side by side each month, and that it will also include Entrepreneur, Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization Services; you then want to consider signing up for a package.

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