Marketing your Business

Online Strategic Learning for Entrepreneurs who want to Access a Phone Consultation and Proven Plan plus Service Discount.


Our Strategic Planning choices will teach you How to Market your Business.

Strategic Concept

Before you can begin Marketing you will need to understand the reason why to help you target the right audience.

Targeting Leads

Before you can begin marketing you need to know who is the ideal customer for your product or service.

Bonus Presentation

Providing your Potential Customer with an Optional Sales Presentation will help you increase the chances.

Customer Value

Engage with those selected few who continue to appreciate your follow ups and then invite them to a limited offer.

Creating Opportunities

Build a relationship while gathering marketing Intel to understand their needs and prepare for the sale.


Incentive Offering

Most Potential Customers will be interested in an Incentive as long as what you are offering solves their problem.


Unlock Subscriber Access to a Free Phone Consultation, and a Strategic Plan; plus a Customer Discount.

Phone Consultation

Our Consultation is for me to understand your Personal Challenge, and discuss the Business Idea you like to Implement; in the effort to help me Develop your Strategy.

Proven Plan

Days after our phone call, I will send you a Proven Plan in PDF Format with Steps to follow at no cost to you; showing you how to Execute the Strategy I created.

Customer Discount

If you choose to hire me after these steps, you will have a chance to claim a Discount for becoming a first time customer; and you may use it on any of my Strategic Services.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; Online Marketer and President at Hernandez MasterMind.

President, Hernandez MasterMind

Thank you for your interest on my How to Market uour Business.

For you to get access to this educational content, all I will need from you is your name and e-mail; I'm going to then give you access to an ebook, audio series and a video presentation.

Additionally as a bonus to you, I'm going to give you a chance to book a phone consultation with me; to help you implement the educational content that I'm giving you.

I want to make sure you have me by your side to implement it and get the results that you've been expecting.

Thanks for being here and for your interest in the How to Market your Business Content. Go ahead and provide me your name and e-mail to get started.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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Subscribers who at least got a chance to speak with me also get invited to additional Education Content, including a eBook Guide, and a Audio Series; plus a Video Presentation.

Audio Series

Subscribers will have the option to instantly Download the Audio Series, giving you a transcribed voice over of the eBook; a paragraphed Guide of the education.

Video Presentation

Subscribers will be invited to watch a video, walking you through the education choices in steps; a broken down PowerPoint presentation.

Phone Consultation

Our phone Consultation, is for us to speak about Designing a WordPress Website; while also helping you choose a planning choice.

Proven Plan

Subscribe to claim a Proven Plan that is totally free with steps to follow just for giving me the opportunity to speak with you.

Education Content

Subscribe to claim additional content for the opportunity to learn the education in more digital formats.

Customer Discount

Subscribe to claim a Discount if you become a first time customer with no obligation as a way for me to say thank you.

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