Ultimate Complete Solution

$7,200.00 $4,320.00

The Complete Business Solution include Phone Consultations, Proven Plans, Business Meetings and Strategic Services.




Unlock Huge Savings when Choosing the Ultimate Complete Solution, offers a lower price compared to individually purchasing the included options; we combine what you need for one price instead.


  • Plan offer: 12 Month Pre-Paid Option, includes a 40% Discount and saves you $2,880; you may Continue after at $600 per Month instead.


Our Ultimate  Complete Solution, is our Best Coverage Solution; and provides you these options monthly:


  • 6 Phone Consultations (1 Hour)
  • 6 Proven Plans (6 Page)
  • 6 Business Meetings (3 Hours)
  • 6 Strategic Services (Limited to $700)


Additionally, you will also Benefit from 60% Discount whenever you need additional services not included in Ultimate; your selected days for using your options are Mondays through Fridays between 8am-8pm:


  • 60% Discount (Additional Services)
  • Monday through Friday (8am-8pm)


The Ultimate Solution DOES give you Priority over Standard and Premium Customers, you will be able to share your options with a relatives and friends with the option to rollover 2 unused option to the next month; and if you ever need to use your options during nights between 8pm-11pm is included:


  • First (Standard and Premium Do not have Priority)
  • 3 Family Sharing (You may Share your Plan Options with Relatives and Friends)
  • 3 Rollover (You may Rollover 2 Unused Options to the Next Month)
  • 3 Day During Nights (Includes Weekend and Included Weekdays during 8pm-11pm)


The main focus of the Ultimate  Complete Solution, is to give you strategic services; that are proven to work for your specific business.


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