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Instructions to Delete User Data

On this page I will share with you the steps you need to take if you like to remove the ‘Hernandez MasterMind' app from your Facebook account and in doing so request for us to delete any data stored.


The data deletion is called whenever an app user on facebook removes your app and requests that you delete their data.

Your app users can do this by going to their Facebook profile and clicking the Remove button on the Settings & Privacy > Settings > Apps and Websites page as shown on the photo.


When you have decided to proceed withy removing the ‘Hernandez MasterMind' from your Facebook you want to then click on ‘Remove' next to the name of the app as shown on the photo.


The facebook app is a third party tool that connects to a website in the effort to capture user information such as name and email or other personal details that is then used to keep the facebook user linked to the apps they authorized.

These apps may be used to login to or register to a website and doing so requires a facebook profile.


You have the right to not just authorized use of the application, but also request the removal of it's usage in some or all associations to your profile on facebook; deleting your data from the app is simple right from facebook as explained on this page.

Should you no longer want to be connected or using the app in question then go ahead with removing it.

Contact Us

If you find yourself having a problem removing the ‘Hernandez MasterMind' app from your facebook account you may contact us for further assistance.

This form may also be used to request the deletion of your personal data in general outside the app of facebook.

Alain Hernandez, President

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+1 407 917 0348

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