Computer Support

Maintain a Perfect Computer through our Networking, Repair, Upgrades and Maintenance Solution.

Get Free Subscriber Access to Maintain your Computer eBook plus Phone Consultation; if you are not ready to choose a Service or Solution.


The Computer Support Solution Offers Strategic Networking, Repair, Upgrades and Maintenance Services.

Computer Networking

Helping you Connect Computers and Devices to a Wireless plus Wired Secured Network.

Computer Repair

Helping you Repair a Laptop or Desktop Computer without the need for Replacement.

Computer Upgrades

Helping you Upgrade Hardware or Software for a more efficient Computer.

Computer Maintenance

Helping you Maintain a Perfect Laptop or Desktop Computer for it to be without Problems.


Our Complete Solution offers Monthly Phone Consultations, Proven Plans, Business Meetings and Strategic Services.

Phone Consultations

Speak to help identify the cause to your current problem and then recommend a solution.


Proven Plans

Develop PowerPoint Presentation Plans to help you understand and implement your goals.

Business Meetings

Schedule In-Person or Online Business Meetings to help you Overcome a Challenge.

Strategic Services

Performing an Online or In-Person Service to help you complete whatever is needed.

Our Focus is to provide you Monthly Solutions, that are Proven to work for your Specific Business; while also helping you save money.


President, Hernandez MasterMind

Often Computer Cleaning and Maintenance is important if you wish to keep your Computer Performing Perfect without ever an error or a slowdown issue.

Without you noticing, your Computer Hard Drive will start to fill up with junk and most of the time 80% of your Data is considered not necessary. Keeping your Windows Performance Stable is important if you wish to keep your Computer Performing fast whenever you run a program or browse the internet.

Preventing your Computer Most Common Problems will save you a lot of time and at the end money. One of the most important things to do for you to Prevent Windows Common Issues is to follow the Compute Cleaning and Maintenance routine.

Get a Free Phone Consultation plus Computer Plan, to help Clean your Hard Drive; Increase Windows Performance and Prevent Common Issues.


We Strive for Excellent Service, see what some of our Satisfied Customers have to say.

It's not often that you find trustworthy and professional laptop repair service. I'm very happy with the solution Alain provided. Irene Poole

Realtor, Irene Poole Real Estate

Alain from MasterMind LLC lives up to the name. He has been a tremendous asset to our company assisting us with Business Services.

Rick Bavec

Broker, Tolaris Homes

Great to work with Alain, this is my second website project with Hernandez MasterMind and I look forward to more in the near future.

RayAnn Mondragon

Artist, Certified Customs


Our Plans offer: Pre-Paid Discounts, with Monthly Service Options; you may Continue after paying the monthly fee instead.

Get a Free Phone Consultation plus Maintain your Computer Plan, to help Clean your Hard Drive; Increase Windows Performance and Prevent Common Issues.

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