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Monthly Strategic Courses for Entrepreneurs needing Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization Education.









Membership Purchasing is open. Live Lessons and Webinars are available. Partial Recorded Videos are ready. Learning Content Creation currently in Progress.


The Membership gives you access up to six courses, two with standard and four with premium whereas with ultimate you will learn from all at the same time; you may also choose one of these now without a plan.

Entrepreneurship MASTERMIND

The Entrepreneurship MasterMind is an Online Education Course, designed for a Strategic Learning Experience; on How to Become a Master Entrepreneur.

Successful Business MASTERMIND

The Successful Business MasterMind is an Online Education Course, designed for a Strategic Learning Experience; on How to Manage a Successful Business.

Perfect Computer MASTERMIND

The Perfect Computer MasterMind is an Online Education Course, designed for a Strategic Learning Experience; on How to Maintain a Computer Perfect.

Strategic Marketing MASTERMIND

The Strategic Marketing MasterMind is an Online Education Course, designed for a Strategic Learning Experience; on How to Promote a Business Online.

Powerful Website MASTERMIND

The Powerful Websites MasterMind is an Online Education Course, designed for a Strategic Learning Experience; on How to Design a Powerful Website.

Online Profit MASTERMIND

The Online Profits MasterMind is an Online Education Course, designed for a Strategic Learning Experience; on How to Monetize Content Online for Profits.


The Education Formats offer several Learning Experiences from Recorded Videos to Live Meetings to Online Webinars.

Recorded Videos

You will have Access to your Recorded Videos inside the Members Area.

Live Lessons

You will have Access to your Live Lessons Online and In-Person.

Interactive Webinars

You will have Access to Interactive Webinars Invitation as is scheduled.


Members of the Online Courses will have plenty of learning modules to choose from, and each are assigned to a particular course; which depending on the level you are under determines if you have access.

Creating a Proven Plan

Learn How to Create Proven Strategies for your Business.

Designing your Personal Brand

Learn How to Design a Unique Personal Brand.

Starting an Online Business

Learn How to Startup your Entrepreneurship.

Self Mentoring Mindset

Learn How to Overcome Challenges in Business.

Managing Cloud Data

Learn How to Manage your Business Cloud Data.

Managing your Product

Learn How to Manage a Digital Product your Business uses.

Managing Business Contacts

Learn How to Manage Contact Opportunities.

Managing Opened Projects

Learn How to Manage Service Projects.

Repairing a Broken Computer

Learn How to Repair a Laptop and Desktop Computer.

Upgrading the Hardware

Learn How to Upgrade the Software and Hardware.

Connecting to a Network

Learn How to Connect Computers on your Network.

Scheduling for Maintenance

Learn How to Schedule Maintenance for a Computer.

Creating Email Campaigns

Learn How to Automate your Email Content.

Launching your Search Ads

Learn How to Market Business on Search Engines.

Advertise on Social Networks

Learn How to Promote your Brand on Social Media.

Promote Yourself on Videos

Learn How to Reach Potential Customers on YouTube.

Building a Blog for Business

Learn How to Build a Blog for your Business Website.

Designing your Landing Page

Learn How to Design an Opt-in Landing Page.

Creating a Membership Website

Learn How to Create a Website that is for Members only.

Developing an Online Store

Learn How to Develop an E-Commerce Store.

Monetize Blog Content

Learn How to Monetize your Blog Content.

Monetize Subscriber Newsletter

Learn How to Monetize your follow up messages.

Monetize YouTube Video

Learn How to Monetize your YouTube Video.

Monetize Digital Product

Learn How to Monetize a Digital Product.

Members of the standard plan will have access to two courses to choose from, and with premium level you may learn with up to four; whereas ultimate gives you everything.


As a Member you will have Access to Bonuses as well, including Partner Products, Affiliate Earnings; and Content updates.

Partner Products

You will get a List of the Products I Recommend so you may execute and achieve your needs more efficiently.

Affiliate Earnings

You will get a unique Affiliate ID to Earn Commissions if you choose to Promote the Online Education Portals.

Content Updates

You will get Instant Access to Product and Content Updates as they are released to help Maintain the membership current.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; Education Instructor and President at Hernandez MasterMind.

President, Hernandez MasterMind

Online Education Courses, is designed for Entrepreneurs; looking for a Strategic Learning Experience.

The Education Formats offer several Learning Experiences from Recorded Videos to Live Meetings to Online Webinars.

Our Membership Key Features Offer a way for Members to Book Online Appointments, Send Direct Messages; plus Anywhere Access.

As a Member you will have Access to Bonuses as well, including Partner Products, Affiliate Earnings; and Content updates.

I look forward to Helping you learn something new.

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See what some of my Satisfied Customers have to say about their Experience.

It’s not often that you find trustworthy and professional laptop repair service. I’m very happy with the solution Alain provided.

Irene Poole

Realtor, Irene Poole Real Estate

Alain from MasterMind LLC lives up to the name. He has been a tremendous asset to our company assisting us with Business Services.

Rick Bavec

Broker, Tolaris Homes

Great to work with Alain, this is my second website project with Hernandez MasterMind and I look forward to more in the near future.

RayAnn Mondragon

Artist, Certified Customs

Customers have Benefits, from Booking Online Appointments and Sending Direct Messages; to Accessing Content from Any Device.


If you choose to pre-order your membership level today, we will waive the monthly fee for a year; plus you will only pay half the signup cost now. When we launch the product, you will be invited for Access at no cost to begin your paid period; and without needing to pay again until your paid period expires.

You will have access to an entrepreneur each month through live video meetings and strategic consultations. This will offer you a side by side experience with an instructor to learn now until we launch the membership product.


The signup cost listed here gives you access for 3 months, 6 months if you want to save; and 12 months too if you like to lock in a bigger discount. During these signup periods you do not pay a monthly fee. The monthly cost is only implemented if you choose to continue after in a monthly basis and not pay in advance.

Access the Standard Membership for 90 Days and then $99 each Month after, or Premium for 180 Days at $199 per Month after; and under Ultimate you get 360 Days with $299 ongoing.

Online Strategic Learning

Learn Online from an Entrepreneur, with a Live Video Lesson; plus a Discount to join membership later if interested.

Learning Video

You will be invited to claim a Free video lesson and this is done via a recorded or live session.

Product information

You will learn more about the education membership and what is included for members.

Customer Discount

You will have access to a Member Discount to join the online courses.

Before you go guys, if you are interested in learning from me; I like to give you a free educational video. To help you learn something at this time. Go ahead and provide me your name and email.



Learn More about what I do with some of these requently asked questions from actual customers.

Do I have the Options to Rollover each month?

Included services each month may not all be rendered, that is where this feature comes in as a way to retain your paid options; a great example is if your plan comes with 2 proven plans or 2 phone consultations and only one of these were used that month. We would then add the unused call and plan to the following month so you never miss it, these are only included with pay in advance packages of at least 3 months or up to 12 months, and not for the monthly plan; you may get this feature with the complete business solution monthly plan instead.

Which Pricing Model is best for me?

If you are getting started in a business or with a new project, choosing the standard package is recommended as is the most popular for those looking into a lightweight affordable solution, whereas choosing the premium level may work better for business owners who are already operating a profitable business and wish to continue on with a project rather than starting new on something; and for the most savings including the best coverage as to what is included is when I recommend ultimate more so for stablished companies that operate beyond a single entrepreneur.

What is a Business Meeting used for?

Most of the Services I offer may be utilized online from my office without the need to meet in person or you being present, while others I may simply remote connect to your computer to do so live; should a service is required that can't be executed using these methods is when a business meeting comes handy so that I come to your place instead. This  particular accomodation is only part of the pay in advance packages or included with a complete solution plan as well.

What are Shared Services?

Some of you will want to share your paid service or course with someone like a friend or relative even a co-worker, this is a way to give access to your included monthly options; these are only included with a complete business solution plan.

When do I get an Education Lesson?

When it comes down to learning rather than getting a service is where an education lesson is applied, this is a way of delivering your paid learning in a live or recorded video format; these are only included with a Online Education Courses plan.

What do I get with Education Courses?

The Online Education is a membership that gives you access to recorded videos which does not include actual services performed my be as that is only available with a solution, and for an upgraded discounted fee members may choose to go live with me instead where I teach in a step by step format; topics can range from entrepreneurship to designing a website to managing your business even making money online as an affiliate.

What is the difference between a service or solution?

Choosing a solution plan is a way to commit to a monthly fee for a period of time until something has been solved or for something needing ongoing management, rather than with a service is best used as a one time need instead; going with solution though include several services instead of one in an ongoing schedule until rendered and typically is designed to give you more value for your money whereas a service only provides you one outcome.