Complete Business Solutions

The Complete Business Solution include Phone Consultations, Proven Plans, Business Meetings and Strategic Services.


Efficient and Cost Effective Service Solutions for every Entrepreneur.


Available to Assist you between Monday-Friday from 11am-5pm EST.


Payment Flexibility on One-Time, Recurring and Installment Options.


Exceeding Customer Service and Experience with every Solution.

Our Premium Package, Offers the Best Value PLUS; Flexible Payment Options and Bonuses.


If you are looking for a Complete Solution that will help you save money and leverage your time so that you can operate your business more efficiently and cost effective, our Complete Solution will help you.

I decided to combine my most popular services, into one Complete Solution for One Price to help build our Long Term Relationship. Our primary focus is to ONLY offer you what works to help you save money, eliminate the stress of hiring different individuals and retain customer value.

Depending on what your Business needs, I'm confident that one of my Complete Solutions will give you what you are missing or help you improve what you are doing without additional cost.


Our Strategic Services Include: Entrepreneur Development, Computer Support, Website Design, Business Management, Online Marketing and Content Monetization; PLUS their Individual Services.

Entrepreneurship Skills

Entrepreneur Development

Become Successful through a Entrepreneurship Development, Personal Branding Strategy, Business Plan and Mentoring Solution.

Small Business Consulting

Business Management

Build a Successful Business through a Consulting, Planning, Product Development Strategy and Management Solution.

Computer Prevent Maintenance

Computer Support

Maintain your Computer through our Technical Support, Consulting, Maintenance Service and Local Repair Solution.

Social Media Advertising

Online Marketing

Marketing your Business through a Search Engine, Social Media Advertising, YouTube Video and Email Strategy Solution.

Squeeze Page Design

Website Design

Build a WordPress through a Business Website Designs, Create a Membership, E-commerce Development and Squeeze Pages Solution.

Make Money Online Blogging

Content Monetization

Make Real Money Online through a Content Monetization, Affiliate Marketing Strategies and Online Financial Planner Solution.


You are probably looking for a Complete Solution that is cost effective and includes what your Small Business needs to help you Improve, Manage and Build a Successful Business.

Our main focus is to provide you Strategic Services that are proven to work for your specific business needs that create reliable results. Our typical Process includes Planning, Research, Strategy and always implementing the latest services and products available while maintaining results.

Most of our long term Customers identify results not just on their ROI but, also Experience. You will also agree that having a reliable professional by your side will help increase your chances for Success.


Our Complete Solutions Include: Phone Consultations, Proven Plans, Business Meetings and Strategic Services.

Phone Consultations

Speak to help identify the cause to your current problem and then recommend a solution.


Proven Plans

Develop PowerPoint Presentation Plans to help you understand and implement your goals.

Business Meetings

Schedule In-Person or Online Business Meetings to help you Overcome a Challenge.

Strategic Services

Performing an Online or In-Person Service to help you complete whatever is needed.


Starting and running your own venture can be daunting. That’s why having a professional by your side committed to your success can help simplify the way you run your business.


After Six Years, I continue to be inspired to help other Entrepreneurs Overcome Challenges, Implement Ideas and Develop Strategies.

I work directly with individual customers in the effort to identify and nurture their unique satisfaction factor.


We Strive for Excellent Service, see what some of our Satisfied Customers have to say.

It's not often that you find trustworthy and professional laptop repair service. I'm very happy with the solution Alain provided.

Irene Poole

Realtor, Irene Poole Real Estate

Alain from Hernandez MasterMind LLC lives up to the name. He has been a tremendous asset to our company assisting us with Business Services.

Rick Bavec

Broker, Tolaris Homes

Great to work with Alain, this is my second website project with Hernandez MasterMind and I look forward to more in the near future.

RayAnn Mondragon

Artist, Certified Customs



Most Popular
$399/Two - $200 Monthly Payments
  • 2 Phone Consultations
  • 2 Proven Plans
  • 2 Business Meetings
  • 2 Strategic Services
Go Standard


Full Coverage
$1100/Six - $275 Monthly Payments
  • 6 Phone Consultations
  • 6 Proven Plans
  • 6 Business Meetings
  • 6 Strategic Services
Go Ultimate

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