Entrepreneur Development

Becoming an Entrepreneur with our Planning, Branding, Startup and Mentoring Services Solution.


You will have access to these Strategic Services with a Solution package, each are implemented throughout the Month; you may also choose one now without a plan.

Entrepreneur Planning

Helping you Plan Entrepreneurial ideas to Identify Proven Strategies you may Implement.

Entrepreneur Branding

Helping you Brand your Entrepreneur Product, Service or Business Model for it to be unique.

Entrepreneur Startup

Helping you Startup your Entrepreneurship with a Business Strategy that works.

Entrepreneur Mentoring

Helping you Self Mentor to Overcome Personal Challenges in Business.

Customers have choices when utilizing their Monthly Services, from scheduled Phone Calls; to Remote Connects and Onsite Visits.


Customers who join the Entrepreneur Solution package will have Phone Consultations, and Proven Plans, plus Business Meetings; which are implemented each month with included Strategic Services.

Phone Consultations

Speak via Phone to help identify the cause to your current Business problem and then recommend a Complete solution.

Proven Plans

Create PowerPoint Plans to help you understand Solutions and implement your Strategies to achieve specific goals.

Business Meetings

Schedule Onsite or Live Video Meetings to help you Overcome Personal and Business Challenges you may need a complete solution for.

Strategic Services

Performing an Onsite or Remote Complete Business Service to help you with Computer and Website plus Marketing needs.

You may consider a Complete Solution instead if you also want Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization.


Customers of a Entrepreneur Solution Package will have Monthly Strategic Learning about Becoming a Master Entrepreneur.

Creating a Proven Plan

Learn How to Create Proven Strategies.

Design your Brand

Learn How to Design a Unique Brand.

Starting One Business

Learn How to Startup your Entrepreneurship.

Self Mentoring

Learn How to Overcome Challenges in Business.

You will have up to three education lessons per month, learning is done online; some from recorded videos and others live.


Our finished Projects are from actual customers, showing services already implemented; and managed business accounts.

Projects listed are from completed services, to help showcase our business portfolio; related to Branding and Startup to Planning.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; Successful Entrepreneur and President at Hernandez MasterMind.

President, Hernandez MasterMind

The Entrepreneur Development Solution will offer you Planning, Branding, Mentoring; and Startup.

You're welcome to choose one of the Services that I have available for you, however to get the most value when working with me directly; I recommend that you choose one of the Solution Packages that I have available for you.

Depending on what you need as an Entrepreneur, you'll see that standard will give you one of everything, premium two; and then ultimate three.

With the Solution Package, you will also get Phone Consultation, Proven Planning, Business Meeting; plus, Strategic Services.

I look forward to helping you Become an Entrepreneur.

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See what some of my Satisfied Customers have to say about their Experience.

I will tell you honestly, I am THRILLED with what you have helped me with. I am already making money doing what I have wanted to do my entire life.

Wendy Glidden

Book Writer, You are Worthy too

I would like to say Alain has helped me out a lot, he is doing more then most people would; and I am grateful for that.

Joshua Meade

CEO, Meade's PC Repair Shop

Alain truly takes his time and helps you with what you need help with. If you need the extra help he is the one to go to.

Dawn Nelson

Founder, ADHD

Customers have Benefits, from priority over others and rollover of items not used; to sharing services with people.


The Entrepreneur Solution Packages offer: Additional Discounts on Strategic Services not included, and Scheduled Monthly Appointments to Implement Proven Plans or Business Meetings; plus Priority over regular Customers so you never wait.

Become an Entrepreneur

Learn How to Become an Entrepreneur with our Phone Consultation and Proven Plan.

Phone Consultation

Talking on the phone is to understand Overcoming a Challenge and Implementing your Idea.

Proven Plan

Get your Proven Plan at no cost after we Speak with a Strategy you may follow.

Customer Discount

If you choose to Hire me for Service after the provided plan you will have a Discount.

If you're not ready to make a decision at this time on a single Service or on a Solution package, I would like to provide you a Phone Consultation and a Proven Plan at no cost; to help you Become an Entrepreneur.



Learn More about what I do with some of these requently asked questions from actual customers.

Do I have the Options to Rollover each month?

Included services each month may not all be rendered, that is where this feature comes in as a way to retain your paid options; a great example is if your plan comes with 2 proven plans or 2 phone consultations and only one of these were used that month. We would then add the unused call and plan to the following month so you never miss it, these are only included with pay in advance packages of at least 3 months or up to 12 months, and not for the monthly plan; you may get this feature with the complete business solution monthly plan instead.

Which Pricing Model is best for me?

If you are getting started in a business or with a new project, choosing the standard package is recommended as is the most popular for those looking into a lightweight affordable solution, whereas choosing the premium level may work better for business owners who are already operating a profitable business and wish to continue on with a project rather than starting new on something; and for the most savings including the best coverage as to what is included is when I recommend ultimate more so for stablished companies that operate beyond a single entrepreneur.

What is a Business Meeting used for?

Most of the Services I offer may be utilized online from my office without the need to meet in person or you being present, while others I may simply remote connect to your computer to do so live; should a service is required that can't be executed using these methods is when a business meeting comes handy so that I come to your place instead. This  particular accomodation is only part of the pay in advance packages or included with a complete solution plan as well.

What are Shared Services?

Some of you will want to share your paid service or course with someone like a friend or relative even a co-worker, this is a way to give access to your included monthly options; these are only included with a complete business solution plan.

When do I get an Education Lesson?

When it comes down to learning rather than getting a service is where an education lesson is applied, this is a way of delivering your paid learning in a live or recorded video format; these are only included with a Online Education Courses plan.

What do I get with Education Courses?

The Online Education is a membership that gives you access to recorded videos which does not include actual services performed my be as that is only available with a solution, and for an upgraded discounted fee members may choose to go live with me instead where I teach in a step by step format; topics can range from entrepreneurship to designing a website to managing your business even making money online as an affiliate.

What is the difference between a service or solution?

Choosing a solution plan is a way to commit to a monthly fee for a period of time until something has been solved or for something needing ongoing management, rather than with a service is best used as a one time need instead; going with solution though include several services instead of one in an ongoing schedule until rendered and typically is designed to give you more value for your money whereas a service only provides you one outcome.