Hernandez MasterMind

Business Service and Solution plus Education for Entrepreneurs

Book a Phone Consultation if you like to Speak with a Consultant at no cost, who will help you Overcome a Challenge and Implement an Idea; plus Develop a Business Strategy.


I created Hernandez MasterMind to help other Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Owners like me with a Complete Business Solution, which is basically a package of my monthly Strategic Services; including Entrepreneur Development, Computer Support, Website Design, Business Management, Online Marketing; and Content Monetization.

Entrepreneur Development

Become an Entrepreneur with my Planning, Branding, Startup and Mentoring Services.

Business Management

Manage a Business with my Project, Contact, Data and Product Services.

Computer Support

Maintain your Computer with my Networking, Repair, Upgrade and Maintenance Services.

Online Marketing

Market your Business with my E-mail, Social, Search and Video Services.

Website Design

Design a WordPress Website with my Blog, Page, Portal and E-commerce Services.

Content Monetization

Monetize Content Online with my Website, Newsletter, Video and Product Services.

You may choose one of these services at this if you do not want to signup for a complete solution package, each will include a consultation and a proven plan plus a business meeting; everything is implemented throughout the month.


The Complete Business Solution is an ongoing monthly plan, packaged with Phone Consultations, Proven Plans, Business Meetings and Strategic Services..

Phone Consultations

Speak via Phone to help identify the cause to your current Business problem and then recommend a Complete solution.

Proven Plans

Create PowerPoint Plans to help you understand Solutions and implement your Strategies to achieve specific goals.

Business Meetings

Schedule Onsite or Live Video Meetings to help you Overcome Personal and Business Challenges you may need a complete solution for.

Strategic Services

Performing an Onsite or Remote Complete Business Service to help you with Computer and Website plus Marketing needs.

If you want a Solution to work with me side by side each month, and that it will also include Entrepreneur, Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization Services; you then want to consider signing up for a package.


My Online Education Courses is a Mastering like Experience through Video based learning, teaching about Entrepreneur, Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization.

You may choose to purchase one of the Online Education Courses alone, however if you want a complete learning experience though then consider a monthly package instead; which is designed to give Entrepreneurs ongoing access to everything.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; Business Consultant and President at Hernandez MasterMind.

President, Hernandez MasterMind

My company specializes in providing Entrepreneurs, just like you and me, a Complete Business Solution.

If you're asking right now, why Hernandez MasterMind? Well, I deliver and respond always on time. I will always provide you affordable pricing, while also delivering excellent service.

When handling my customers, the process is very simple and straightforward. Everything that I do is about Planning, Research Implementation, and with every Solution; I'll provide you with a Strategy that you can Implement.

When Managing your Account, there is always going to be a Proven Model which I'll follow; to make sure that the Results are Consistent to your Expectation.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your business.

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Online Education inside my Blog area is about Entrepreneur, Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization Learning.

Creating a Funnel with OptimizePress inside WordPress

Creating a Funnel with OptimizePress inside WordPress

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Improve Search Ranking for YouTube Video with Keyword Optimization

Improve Search Ranking for YouTube Video with Keyword Optimization

Here is a list of Products I Recommend from Amazon if you like to go Shopping online.ComputerNetworkingOrganizerPrinterSuppliesAlexaSubscribe to my Channel for more Video Content I have created by clicking on the YouTube logo.STORYTo help your YouTube Video be found...

Access Video Content totally free, a place for Entrepreneurs to Learn; where I share with you my business experience.


See what some of my Satisfied Customers have to say about their Service Experience working with me directly.

I personally have used Alan Hernandez for my franchises since 2009 Alan is smart, fast on his feet and very dependable.

Bennett Frumer

Personal Trainer, Elite Strength & Fitness

I will tell you honestly, I am THRILLED with what you have helped me with. I am already making money doing what I have wanted to do my entire life.

Wendy Glidden

Writer, You Are Worthy Too

Alain was helpful in helping me pick affiliate products for me to promote. He was strategic about increasing my Commissions.

Richie Hill

Affiliate, Hill Team Marketing

My customers will have unbeatable Benefits when working with me side by side, from priority when needing help over other people and rolling over services not used; to sharing it with people they know like a friend or relative.

Develop a Business Strategy

Subscribe to Learn How to Develop a Business Strategy, with my Phone Consultation and Proven Plan; plus Online Education.

Overcome Challenges

Overcome Personal and Business Challenges with a Proven Plan.

Implement Ideas

Implement Service and Product Ideas with a Proven Plan.


Develop Strategies

Develop Marketing and Monetization Strategies with a Proven Plan.

Something that I like to do for you before you go, is provide you a Proven Plan that is totally free; to help you overcome a challenge or even implement an idea in the effort to develop a business strategy.